So we’re on the back side of a lot of our fundraisers for the Rwanda trip and I thought it was time for an update on what happened the last few weeks:

  • A HUGE thank you to the Zion Quartet for their performance and hard work for the 2015 Barnabas X-Travaganza. We sold a lot of food and had a good time listening to these men worship the Lord with their voices.
  • We had two Pizza Nights at Old Towne Pizza Buffet in Seneca and had so much fun! We waited tables, cleaned the dining room, and washed dishes and had a blast doing it. Thanks to all who came out to support us.IMG_3400
  • The Annual Yard Sale was a huge success once again! We raised about $3700 that day–hard work for a lot of folks, but WOW the Lord sure blessed it!IMG_6654-650x242
  • We sold approximately 100 of the Love With Your Hands t-shirts! Hopefully once they all reach their future owners, it will raise awareness not only for Barnabas X, but for our Biblical commands to love and serve.

And that’s just the stuff that has already happened! Here’s where we are and what’s still to come:

  • We are still $3000 short of our funding goal. This is our food and lodging money. We have already purchased the plane tickets in faith that God will provide the rest, so we’re going to Rwanda, food or no food. Please pray about how you can help us meet this goal and pray also for God’s faithful provision.
  • Shipwrecked! is this weekend, August 21-23! We will be living in a boat outside of JC Sports in Seneca beginning at 5:00pm on Friday the 21st until we raise the remaining $3000! Come out and support us and the ministry…save Barnabas X from the rain and heat!

We look forward to the blessings from all of you and the grace that God allows us to be a part of His ministry in Rwanda.

Yard Sale Updates

The Yard Sale is coming up soon! We are still accepting donations through July 30, so just let us know if you have items to donate. Every item sold is another dollar for the trip!

We will also have BBQ plates available for lunch that day, so come by and have a tasty meal after you shop!




CALLING ALL LADIES: Come on out for the first ever Barnabas X BLACK LIGHT ZUMBA! Sweat it out for a good cause and have. Great time doing it with a great bunch of ladies.All the details are on the flyer above. 

The donations we receive will go towards our airfare for the Rwanda trip in September, where we will be hosting several Vacation Bible Schools, working on the construction of a school, and shooting footage to create a short video about the ministry we work with in Rwanda, Reach the Children of Rwanda International. 



T-Shirts are back! If you’re looking for a way to look good, stay cool, and still support our September trip to Rwanda, order your Barnabas X Love With Your Hands t-shirts through the month of July! The proceeds will go to fund our missionaries. These are available in adult and youth sizes for only $20 each, payable by cash, check, money order, credit/debit card, or PayPal.

The Love With Your Hands shirt is inspired by 1 John 3:18 Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.(NIV)

Contact us here to get your order in today!

X-Travanganza Tickets On Sale Now

Mark your calendars and step right up, ’cause the Barnabas X-Travaganza is coming up fast! We’ll kick things off in the Fellowship Hall at 4:30 on July 18 at Open Door Baptist Church with a BBQ dinner together. At 6:00, everyone will move to the sanctuary for a concert from local artists, the Zion Quartet. It’ll be a great night of music, food, fun, and fellowship. Come ready to support and donate as we’ll have several giving opportunities available for you to help our mission team meet its goal of $13,000 to go to Rwanda in September.

Tickets for the concert are $12 and BBQ plates are $8.

Get your tickets now in person from any member of the team, contacting us through Facebook, or by Contacting Us Here.

Update Time (finally!)

Well Barnabas X has been pretty awful with the updates the last couple months, but thankfully it’s because we’re so busy! Here’s just a couple up quick things we’ve been doing and some things to look out for:

  • We took a trip last month out to Fort Collins, Colorado as part of a “vision trip” to get a better feel for the mission field that the Kirby Woods team that is moving out there this summer will be living and working in. It was an awesome, Spirit-filled time and we saw so many opportunities to serve them in the coming months. Keep an eye out on our YouTube channel for a video that will be coming soon from our trip.
  • The Barnabas X Rwanda team has been assembled and we’re getting geared up for this year’s trip. Cory and Adger will be flying out on September 1 and Adger will leave to come home on September 15, the same day that Paige brings the rest of the team. Cory and the rest of the team will leave on September 30. PLEASE PRAY for the Lord to bless this trip and for the team to receive the necessary funding.
  • The team had its first fundraiser for the trip in May at Olde Town Pizza Buffet in Seneca. We waited tables, washed dishes, and cleaned the dining room, and we had a total blast! It was a really fun night and we had a lot of supporters come out to show how much they believe in what we’re doing. A huge thank you to all those who came out!
  • Speaking of funding for the trip, there are some fundraisers coming up that we’d like you to be a part of:

– The annual Barnabas X-Travaganza will be on July 18 at Open Door Baptist Church in Walhalla, SC. The event will feature a concert from the Zion Quartet, along with BBQ plates and more! Tickets to the concert are $12, and the BBQ plates will be $8.

– There will be our first ever Turkey Shoot coming up in June. The date and place are TBD, but just stay tuned for updates. We’re looking for donations of ammo and prizes, so just contact us if you’re interested in helping in that way.

– The annual Barnabas X Yard Sale is also coming soon! It will be held on August 1, so if you have any items you’d like to donate, contact us and we can either pick them up or let you know where to deliver them.

If you’d like to be a part of any of the fundraisers we have coming up just let us know. Also, if you’re interested in donating towards our upcoming trip to Rwanda, you can do so by clicking the PayPal Donate button to the right.

As always, we thank you and we ask for your prayers and support.


2015 Goals

Do not neglect the spiritual gift you received through the prophecy spoken over you when the elders of the church laid their hands on you. Give your complete attention to these matters. Throw yourself into your tasks so that everyone will see your progress.

1 Timothy 4:12-15 (NLT)

Some people set New Year’s resolutions, as in things they want to get better about, or improve about themselves, and most people make it to about January 20 before they’re forgotten or they give up because it’s so hard. I gave up on resolutions years ago. What I replaced it with, however, are goals. 

I believe it’s important for individuals, couples, churches, organizations, and businesses to set clear and specific goals for themselves. Without a purpose to move towards, what are we doing every day? It’s all about living an intentional life. In everything we do, we should do it with discipline and purpose “as unto the Lord”–an intentional life is one that is pointed toward something, and not wandering in the wilderness. Protect against wasting time and energy on aimlessness by setting goals for yourself financially, personally, relationally, vocationally, and most importantly, spiritually.

Every year, I write mine out on a dry-erase board and hang it on my refrigerator so that I have to see it every day:


As you can see, I didn’t do so well goal-wise in 2014. I weigh the same now that I did this time last year. I didn’t read the Bible all the way through. I wrote exactly zero songs. But the thing is, I’m not ashamed or disappointed in myself because my priorities changed. The things that were important to me in the opening hours of 2014 no longer mattered as much at the end. It’s okay not to achieve the goals–the object is to live in such a way that is pointing towards bettering yourself not for your own glory, but to be a better person and a better servant to other and to God.

I also realized that while it’s good to set goals like “be a better husband…”, that’s too vague. It’s more of a resolution and you have no way of recording progress.

So with that said, here are my personal goals for 2015 that will be hung on my refrigerator all year:

  • Call or text my family every week – I’m terrible about not speaking to my family, but I’m working on it!
  • Look at the family budget every week – I leave Paige to handle the budget alone and I’m taking responsibility for it
  • Be conversant in Kinyarwanda by August 31 – With all of our trips to Rwanda, I need to at least be able to ask for a bathroom!
  • Weigh ≤ 165 lbs. by March 31 – yeah, gonna try this one again
  • Weigh ≤ 155 lbs. by July 4 – Still heavier than I was when Paige and I started dating, but I’ll take it
  • Read 10 books 
  • Do something special for Paige once a month
  • Complete 3 home projects – We didn’t do much to maintain or improve our home this past year, and some things are starting to show
  • Get one new tattoo
  • Become proficient at tenor banjo – I’m a traditional Irish music fanatic and I want to nail the Barney McKenna banjo
  • Write 5 songs – I’m realizing the five is probably more feasible than ten and “good” may be relative
  • Read the Bible cover-to-cover
  • Do something to serve my wife every day
  • Purge more stuff – even after we cleaned out our house twice this year, there’s still just a bunch of “stuff”
  • Go three places I’ve never been
  • Post to Barnabas X blog and social media accounts at least once a week – I’m pretty terrible about this, too, but I discovered two apps called “Latergramme” and “Buffer” that will allow me to schedule posts in advance and they will automatically post. Hopefully that does the trick. 
  • Pray with Paige every morning

These are just my personal goals. I’m also setting spiritual goals for myself and the Barnabas X Board of Directors will be meeting soon to discuss our goals for the year as well.

What are some of your goals for the year?



Wow, has it been a month already since the last time I posted something here?! Well as you’ll see in the next post, I’ve made it a specific goal of mine to fix that. We’ve been hard at work, completing projects we began last year and ramping up our efforts for this year. Just a quick list of what we’ve been working on:

  • building  a new website for RCRI —we’re really excited about this and we’ll update you guys when it’s live!
  • finishing up all the profiles we did in Rwanda–yes, I know it was like four months ago but it’s a lot of tedious work and we have to make sure it’s right!
  • doing a Sponsorship Drive for RCRI–instead of Christmas gifts, we urged our families to sponsor children; also we petitioned our church with a sponsorship commercial
  • organizing the trips for next year–please be in prayer for these trips. This year is going to be busy and we’re going to need a lot of support, both spiritually and financially
  • getting lined up to speak at churches–we want to come to your church and do presentations! If your church would be interested, contact us and we’ll get it set up

Look for a lot more posts here on the blog and on our social media accounts this year, and pray about supporting us as we expand our efforts in 2015–as always, to God be the glory and the world is the stage.

Rwanda III Recap, Pt. 2

jarrod and kids

So in Part 1, I gave a basic rundown of our first week in Rwanda. (If you missed Part 1, you can see it here.) Our second week, we journeyed back to the capital city of Kigali to continue our work there. We spent our first day back in the Gahanga district, specifically in the potters’ village of Kane, which we were told was the one of the poorest villages in Rwanda.

Continue Reading

Reasons To Come Home Rwanda Recap Roundup, pt. 1

Paige Sloan runs an amazing blog called Reasons to Come Home and she’s been writing these killer day-by-day recaps of our trip to Rwanda. These posts are way better than what I’ve done here, so if you want to see a ton more photos and cool/funny/sad stories, click the links below and then follow along as she recounts each day of our trip!


Part 1 – Departure, Arrival, First Full Day

Part 2 – First Day of Profiles, Construction, and Home Visits in Nyabihu

Part 3 – Day Two of Profiles and Home Visits in Nyabihu

Part 4 – Day Three Home Visits in Nyabihu

Part 5 – Church, Refugee Camp Visit, Trip to Lake Kivu

Part 6 – Last Day in Nyabihu, Fun With the Kids, Handing Out School Supplies

Part 7 – Home Visits in Gahanga & Kane


I really recommend following along with these. Paige has a true passion for Rwanda and it shows in her stories and photos.